Spirit Animals

Hello Loyal Followers!

We're back again with another devlog! This week we've got some concepts to share, and an updated website! Our programmers are busy coding the game's climbing mechanic, among others, and we'll share some progress from that soon!

Updated Website

We realized our website had a lot of old content on it that didn't reflect the recent improvements we've made to the game's story and design. That has been remedied! Head over to ghostoftheforest.com to check out our newest screenshots and concept art, and read rewritten descriptions. Thanks Dillon for the time and effort spent to make this much-needed change!

Spirit Animals

Meanwhile, Carlos has drawn up these rough concepts for our Spirit Animals, with some tribal designs they may wear in the Spirit World.

Alex has started modeling the Spirit Animals, starting with the raven, while Kris is modeling environment pieces and prototyping UI menus.

As always, we appreciate your support!
- Amanda, Legendary Minutes Team


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