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Unreal Terrain & Little Leaf's New Look

Hello Loyal Followers! Thank you for sticking with us despite our long silent periods. We are still working hard on the game and appreciate your continued support. We've finally settled into a steady workflow, plus we've got a dedicated person working social media now (me!) so our updates should be more frequent and informative moving forward.

Unreal Terrain Unless you follow us on Facebook, you probably don't know that we switched from Unity to Unreal Engine this summer, unlocking new possibilities for our terrain, characters, animation and visual effects. It's an extremely versatile engine and we're excited to see what we accomplish with it.

Thanks to the new engine and a lot of hard work, our raw terrain is coming along nicely! It's almost ready to share, just needs a little dressing.

Little Leaf's New Look Little Leaf has had a makeover! Our 3D artist remodeled him to better fit our game direction, and now our art department is working diligently on hi…