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Meet the Voice: Warren

Hello Loyal Followers!  It is our honor to introduce the talented actor who voices Little Leaf. His Blackfoot heritage makes him an excellent choice for Ghost of the Forest.

Warren Spotted Eagle
LOCATION  Vancouver
ROLE  Voice Actor for the character Little Leaf
INTERESTS  Video games, film photography, filmmaking, basically anything that forces me to be creative.
If you could be any animal, which would you be and why?
Obviously the eagle, c'mon! Eagles are one of the most beautiful birds in the world.
What inspires you in Native American culture?
My answer will always be how strong our people are. History has taught me that our ancestors have overcome many difficult obstacles. Just a few generations down, I've heard many stories about kids being taken away from their parents and put into residential schools. The horrifying events that took place are nothing to forget. The children at the time who survived, those are the people who I can call my heroes.

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Meet the Team: Carlos

Hello Loyal Followers!  We'd like to welcome our new character artist to the Spirit Maze team! Carlos is currently working on the concept art for Castle Quest. We're excited to see what you make, Carlos!

NAME  Carlos Betancourt
LOCATION  Venezuela
ROLE  Character Designer, Illustrator
INTERESTS  Traveling, listening to music, reading, illustrating space/scifi/medieval stuff
How did you first get involved in game development?
This is my first role in the industry.
What game or genre of games do you most enjoy? Why?
I enjoy role-playing games, the way my character grows during the campaign. The path of the heroes is a subject that I'm very interested in. I also enjoy FPS and sandboxes to have fun!
What new advancements in game technology excite you?
The virtual engine is always fun to watch, because I'm always looking to know how to transform concept art and 3D concepts into the final product.

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- Amanda, Legendary Minutes Team

Ready, Set, Game Jam!

Hello Loyal Followers! Our in-house game jam has begun! We've all voted on our favorite game concept. And the winner is... Castle Quest! Congrats Leandro on the winning concept!  Castle Quest will be a puzzle platformer for mobile, developed by our child studio Spirit Maze. Control three unique characters to puzzle and fight your way through castle levels. We'll have some concept art to show soon!

Speaking of art, we've got a new character artist, Carlos, for our Spirit Maze studio! His bio post will be up shortly.
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- Amanda, Legendary Minutes Team

Voices Found

Hello Loyal Followers! We hope you had a pleasant holiday season! Sorry for the long silence, but we're back from our holiday break and ready to get to work!
Voice Actors Found! Little Leaf and the Raven have voices now! Warren Spotted Eagle will voice Little Leaf, and the Raven will be voiced by our very own Wouter. We'll post an interview with Warren soon. Thank you to everyone who applied!
In-House Game Jam We enjoyed Unreal Engine's Game Jam so much, we're hosting our own! Over the holidays, we each thought up a game concept that we'd love to develop, and we'll be voting on them soon. The winning concept will be the first game developed by our new child studio, Spirit Maze!
Updated Website The website has been updated with more information about studio and team.

We appreciate your support!
- Amanda, Legendary Minutes Team