Meet the Team: Kris

Hello Loyal Followers! 

We're welcoming two new 3D artists to the team! First up, Kris.

NAME  Kris Vaughan
LOCATION  New Kent, Virginia
ROLE  3D Artist, 3D Animator
INTERESTS   It might seem strange but I am interested in games, gaming, and gamification. Lover of both video and tabletop. Also interested in dope music and animations.
If you could be any animal, which would you be and why?
Despite my Otter patronus, I would probably be a Fenic fox and just run around in circles; they are just adorable.
What inspires you in Native American culture?
What inspires me about Native American culture is how much it has endured and I would love to see it represented more in every medium.

Kris is currently working on adding variety to the Dreamworld environment with new plant elements. Keep up the good work, Kris!

Thanks for reading!
- Amanda, Legendary Minutes Team


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