Meet the Team: Alex

Hello Loyal Followers! 

Another 3D artist has joined our ranks! Alex is adding realism to Little Leaf with new details and equipment.

NAME  Alex Javor
LOCATION  Eagle River, Alaska
ROLE  3D Artist, Character Modeler
INTERESTS   Coffee is a necessity. Also rock climbing, hunting, games obviously, and dogs.
If you could be any animal, which would you be and why?
A fat little bird. The raptors get the glory as they are much more majestic, but in truth their lives are hard. Fat little birds find their food easily - bugs and such - and spend most of their time playing and singing songs with their large extended families. What a life!
What inspires you in Native American culture?
Absent notions of ownership and man's divine right, I believe the Native Americans were very innocent in a way, and even today you'll find that the further you get from civilization, the more honest and balanced people are.

Thanks for reading!
- Amanda, Legendary Minutes Team


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