Meet the Team: Wouter

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Introducing our newest addition to the team, Wouter! Hailing from Belgium, Wouter is a 3D artist/animator getting into coding and interested in voice acting. He has diplomas in Game App Design, Game Animation, and Woodworking (very useful for creating games).

NAME  Wouter Knops
LOCATION  Limburg, Belgium
ROLE  3D Animation
INTERESTS  I love playing games and creating them; I also play guitar and love a lot of different music. (I sometimes turn into a human jukebox)
If you could be any animal, which would you be and why?
A dog, so I could lie around all day and eat things I shouldn't, just like now, except I wouldn't be judged for it.
What inspires you in Native American culture?
To be honest, I grew up watching a lot of westerns because of my dad. Now these were rarely about the Native Americans, but I admire that they wouldn't let their land go without a fight even if it was against people with more advanced weapons. They're also really in touch with animals; they don't waste anything of what they do kill, which I can respect.

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- Amanda, Legendary Minutes Team


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