Meet the Team: Leandro

Hello Loyal Followers! 

Another programmer has joined our team! Leandro was incredibly helpful with our game jam submission; we're so lucky to have him on our team.

NAME  Leandro Bertazzo Rodrigues
ROLE  Programming
INTERESTS   I am a big art enthusiast, be it music, drawing, painting, acting, dancing, etc. And games are a way to apply art in many ways, so it is my main interest. As for actual programming I am most interested in AI and different gameplay mechanics. I also love learning languages.
If you could be any animal, which would you be and why?
This is a hard question, but people often say I would be a lion. Since I love cats and own one I would most likely vote to be a feline animal anyway, so a lion is good xD.
What inspires you in Native American culture?
I love how in their culture everything has purpose on its own. It is pretty amazing how they pledge growth and maturity can be learned from everything around you. I like to live on absorbing knowledge from what I see and feel, what I see others feeling, and what they say they learned with their own seeing and feeling. So that is pretty awesome of this culture.

Make sure to watch the trailer for our game jam submission Shaanti!

Thanks for reading!
- Amanda, Legendary Minutes Team


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